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It's true that some of us are driven to excess in certain areas of our lives.  We have more DVDs than we could ever watch.  We subscribe to more magazines than our children will allow us to read.  And yes, we buy lots and lots and lots of clothes. 

But how is your social stationery wardrobe? Are you prepared for the right occasion at all times? 


Like your favorite pair of jeans, your every day china, the comforter you use 9 months out of the year, you need some good, comfortable personalized stationery.  These are folded note cards and flat note cards that can be sent to anyone, male or female.  Keep plenty of these on hand as they will get the most usage.

Super Casual

Admit it.  You have a pair of sweats from college that are so broken-in you can't part with them.  The stationery equivalent?  The memo pad.  It's perfect for jotting down incoherent thoughts and random lists.  Small, large or list memo, there's room for organizing and doodling all in one.


One of the best parts of the holidays is holiday mail - the sudden deluge of Christmas cards with updates and pictures and letters.  Consider your own photo notecard for this most wonderful time of the year.  Or a folded note card with a handwritten wish for the season. Think beyond December - imagine the possibilities of Halloween wishes, Valentine's love notes, even Arbor Day musings.


Some of you will say that these are fine for everyday - and truly there is hardly an inappropriate occasion to use it. For the rest of us, we need one really nice set of monogrammed stationery to use for First Communion gifts, wedding wishes, or a note to great-grandma.  Embossed stationery was made for this.


Finally, give in to your inner child and live a little.  Share a few smiles with everyone in your address book with a handful of cards that are silly, juvenile, unconventional or all of the above.