Thank Yous for Kids

It's the birthday yin and yang: for every friend they invite to their party, they must write a lovely and sincere thank you note.  Yes, with great power comes great responsibility.  But getting youngsters to write thank you notes needn't require super hero skills.  First and foremost, outfit your child with age and personality appropriate notecards.  You like writing on cool stationery - so will they.  Next, have everything ready to complete the task.  A fine-point Sharpie helps little hands write legibly, the gift list is a must, and don't forget the correcting tape to erase mistakes.  Use our who, what, where, when, how, wow rule to help them articulate their appreciation:

Dear Johnny (who),

Thanks for the book (what) you brought for my birthday (where+when). I know I will enjoy reading it (how) and I can't wait to start! (wow).

Your friend, Billy

Finally, kids love to stick and stamp, so let them label, sticker, rubber stamp and adhere postage to envelopes while you address. Once they drop their heart-felt thanks in the mailbox, it's off to save the world!

Thanks for Writing

At the risk of sounding cliché - life keeps us SO busy these days!  Between scout meetings, music lessons, making dinner, and getting rid of that pesky ring around the collar, we don't always get correspondence out on time.

Relax. Late thank you notes are better than no thanks at all. Acknowledging a friend's new job is as valid six months later as when they got the offer. And certainly that little baby isn't any less cute at nine months than at nine days. (In fact it's probably way cuter.) If you want to see the glass as half-full, think of it this way: your friends won't be expecting birthday wishes two weeks late, so it'll be a real treat! Don't sweat a belated here and tardy there. Just write anyway. They'll be thankful for it.

This is an example