Return Addresses

You did it! You've written all of your notes, stuffed the envelopes, and addressed each one. You can't wait to pop them in the mail, but there is one address left to write: yours.

While this last bit of addressing may seem superfluous, when sending mail you should clearly identify yourself to the recipient on the envelope. Not to mention, the post office needs to know where to return mail if it is undeliverable (I forgot the Millers had already moved).

Luckily, there are many ways to get your return address on an envelope, that don't involve writing it over and over and over again.

Cue the personalized address stamp. Our exclusive stamps run the gamut, from classic and clean, to flirty and fun. Choose one that reflects your personality. We even offer ink refills in different colors to coordinate with your stationery. The best part? Our stamps are self-inking so you can stamp swiftly with the greatest of ease.

Don't forget personalized address stamps for the holidays! Punctuate your photocards with a festive design. Not only will it make your holiday card stand out, it will save you time to boot!

Another return address option is the personalized address labels for those who want to add a little character. Most of our stationery has coordinating designs, for a consistent style on all of your correspondence.

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