Thank You

The thank you note is perhaps the most essential message you can write, and the most enduring to receive. This small yet personal gesture will build stronger relationships with the important people in your life. Whether as a follow-up to an interview, birthday celebration, or dinner party, writing and sending thank you notes is something everyone should be in the habit of doing.

Need a little inspiration or help motivating the little ones? We've got you covered.

For Kids

Getting your children in the habit of writing thank you notes doesn't have to be a battle. You can help make the experience fun instead of another chore. First, outfit your child with age and personality appropriate notecards. Let them help pick it out! The more involved they are, the more motivated they'll be. Next, have everything ready to complete the task. A fine-point Sharpie helps little hands write legibly, the gift list helps them remember each friend, and don't forget the correcting tape to erase mistakes. Use our "who, what, where, when, how, wow" rule to help them articulate their appreciation:

Thank You Example

Finally, kids love to stick and stamp, so let them label, sticker, rubber stamp and adhere postage to envelopes. They'll drop their heart-felt thanks in the mailbox with a big smile on their face.

For Adults

We've all done it. Instead of writing a note, you shoot a quick text or email to someone to say thank you. Sure, you get your point across, but nothing quite compares to receiving a hand-written note. So to help you Thank Out Loud — we include your very own Guide to Gratitude booklet with each stationery purchase. Here are a few highlights to get you inspired to say "Thanks"!

Thank Out Loud

Thank You for a Gift

When receiving a gift, it's important to recognize the gift giver's time, effort, and thoughtfulness. A thank you note should always be sent after receiving birthday gifts, holiday gifts, wedding gifts, baby gifts, congratulatory gifts, any gifts sent by mail or when a donation is made on your behalf.

Send your thank you note as soon as possible. Birthday and holiday gifts should be acknowledged within two weeks, and wedding gifts within a month.

Remember to make a specific reference to the gift that was received.

Thank You as a Guest

Being invited into a person's home is an honor that can only be properly acknowledged with a handwritten note. Send a note after being hosted as an overnight houseguest, dinner guest or party goer and you'll reinforce their impression that you are an engaged and gracious guest.

Remember to include specifics about what made the stay or event memorable. Reminiscing about good food or funny stories is always a well-received option.

Thank You for Kindness & Favors

As a stylish stationery lover, it's likely that you have many people in your life that offer help and support in times of need. Whether it's changing a light bulb or mourning the loss of a loved one, make sure they know how much you appreciate them by sending a handwritten thank you note.

Occasions include whenever someone helps you with a special favor, offers sympathy or well wishes, provides emotional support or obliges a special request.

Thank You for Business Occasions

In addition to being the right thing to do, written gratitude can also be a differentiator in the workplace. Therefore, you should always send written thank yous after an interview, when a direct report has done an exceptional job, when someone has provided a referral or when someone presents a new opportunity.

When interviewing, timing is critical. Mail a post-interview note the same day if at all possible, and you'll be sure to stand out from the competition.