Return Addresses

Have you noticed that some people don't give a return address on envelopes?  Not just junk mail – personal correspondence.  Didn't bother us back in the devil-may-care 90's, but now - we feel a little weird about it.

Plainly put, for snail mail just as with email, you should clearly identify yourself to the recipient on the envelope:

  1. The post office needs to know where to return mail.
  2. People want to know who's writing them.
  3. (and this is important in our increasingly mobile society) - Your friends need to know where you hang your hat these days.

Luckily, there are many ways to get your return address on an envelope.

There is the straightforward personalized address stamp. Most are self-inking these days so it's no-mess. Then there are custom stampers with flair. We sell them in circle shapes and the combinations are endless, especially when you add multi-colored inks. Please note that you should use these on the back of an envelope, as you would a seal. They are too big for placement on the front but appear perfectly grand on an envelope back.

If you are a traditionalist, you can opt for a personalized embosser. Used on the back flap of an envelope, they radiate style and grace, and there is something quite satisfying about squeezing those silver handles.

Personalized labels are an option for those who want to add a little character. Many choose to layer their look with a label on the envelope to match the stationery inside. Again, watch the sizing here. If it starts to encroach on the postmark area and into the addressee portion, put in on the back.

Custom stampers display your address with flair.