The Seven Stationery Types

Not sure where to start? Here are the top seven types of stationery every household needs.

The Folded Note

The beauty of folded note cards is not only external, but internal as well. Our best-selling personalized stationery, folded note cards give a splash of color and personality on the outside, paired with plenty of room on the inside to say what’s on your mind.

The Flat Card

Whether you prefer a streamlined look in your personalized stationery, or you’re extremely to-the-point, a flat notecard is a great solution. With just a touch of personality, your message will stand out as your hand-written salutations command the page and your reader’s attention.Flat cards also make great children’s stationery, teaching good manners and the benefits of brevity all in one fell swoop!

The Memo Pad

This is one piece of stationery that certainly isn’t stationary. In days of yore when phones were screwed to the wall, you needed just one memo pad by the phone. Now with portable phones, mobiles, WiFi and more, you need these helpful pads all around the house. Phone messages, shopping lists, errand reminders, quick questions to a teacher, or a DO NOT TOUCH sign for your freshly frosted cupcakes. The uses are endless, so make sure your supply is as well.

Non-Personalized Stationery

We all like options, which is why in addition to personalized stationery, you might find yourself needing non-personalized note cards. Some styles are strictly children’s stationery: thank you note cards and invitations complete with lines, fun art and much of the writing pre-printed for simplicity. Keep some of these on hand for last-minute party planning and avoid a trip to the store. For bigger kids, there is fine stationery with edge-to-edge artwork that leaves a blank area for personalized stampers. If you’re like us you have several monogram stamps that address a wide variety of situations. It’s a good idea to have some non-personalized stationery around, just in case.


During that rebellious phase in high school, "label" was a bad word. But now, as grown-ups, we love them. There are numerous shapes of personalized labels, all of which can multi-task like no one’s business. The custom address label is usually a rectangle and fits easily on the top left corner of a standard envelope. It saves time writing your return address, and ensures legibility.Square labels or gift labels pack a punch of design and flair. We print ours with two lines of personalization so they are perfect for CDs, toys, even food in a shared fridge! Ditto for round labels. They are well suited as gift tags, or shouting “this belongs to Katie”, and they are spiffy with a your signature salutation and used like an envelope seal. Book labels, or book plates go in the front of a book so that if it wanders into your best friend’s library, it might someday make its way home. The magic of labels is that they can be almost anything you want them to be. Lunch bags, school folders, cookies to a new neighbor, a dish taken to a pot luck and more can benefit from a little identification. Plus they’ll never complain that “you just don’t understand.”

Social Cards

The adage “everything old is new again” perfectly applies to the category know as social cards or calling cards. They were once a crucial part of formal social rituals for making acquaintances, inviting others to your home, or to signal you had paid a visit. In today’s world of triple phone numbers, multiple emails and too many team sports to remember everyone’s name, it’s a smart cookie that carries one or more calling cards. Whether you’re setting a play date, signing up to volunteer at school, running a home-based business, or sharing book club information, social cards will forever banish writing on the back of receipts.

Stamps and Embossers

Sometimes fun pops up where you least expect it. We get a feeling of discovery every time we use custom stamps and personalized embossers. Take your imagination to new levels and stamp and emboss with abandon, creating works of art for sending to friends or tricking out cards, letter paper, paper bags, the list goes on. Customized embossers are a stately way to mark your return address on an envelope flap. And a monogrammed embosser turns a blank card into correspondence suitable for the most formal of occasions. Using tried and true construction of two plates and those amazing silver handles, embossers are so old school even that great aunt would approve. Conversely, stamps have leapt into the new millennium. And while you may still go retro with rubber stamps in your crafts, today’s personalized stationery stamps (or stampers) are all science and technology. High-quality silicone leaves a clean, crisp impression on paper (along with a satisfying “ki-chunk” sound as it kisses the paper). Plus ink pads built into the housings keep a rainbow of hues at your very clean fingertips. Stamp your non-personalized stampable notes. Stamp a roll of butcher paper for fabulous wrap. Mark your books. Turn squares of cardstock into fierce gift tags. The possibilities are endless—Just like your imagination!